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Hotel Aigle and the alpine ski

Courmayeur is one of the paradises of alpine skiing and the Hotel Aigle is perfect for let you enjoy it.

The Checrouit-Val Veny ski area (called Courmayeur Mont Blanc) offers nearly 100 km of slopes for every level of difficulty and a system of modern and efficient lifts.

Top station of the cableway at Pre de Pascal.

Top station of the cableway
at Pre de Pascal.

From every pont of view Hotel Aigle is located in a strategic position. In few minutes, you can reach the start of the Val Veny cableway that leads to Pre de Pascal. Once there, you enter in the enormous web of slopes and lifts, leading to Zerotta, Plan Checrouit, Col Checrouit, the Gabba, all the way up to 2624 m. of Youla, or even to 2755 m. of the Testa d'Arp.
Somebody might need to go straight up to Plan Checrouit, without going first to Pre de Pascal. For example, it could happen because you booked ski classes that take places there, or because you arranged an appointment with friends there. Do not worry! You can reach Dolonne, where you leave your car in the parking and go up with the new cableway. And for those who do not intend to move the car, just in front of the hotel there is a bus stop that will head you to Dolonne in 15 minutes.

Ski descent in the Vallée Blanche, with the Tour Ronde in the background.

Ski descent in the Vallée Blanche, with the Tour Ronde in the background.

Many are attracted by Courmayeur for the opportunity to follow some of its famous freeride routes (ski "off-piste").
The descent from the Testa d'Arp has already be mentioned. It remains to speak of the descent of the Toula glacier and of the legendary crossing from Punta Helbronner to Chamonix, along the Vallée Blanche and the Mer de Glace. In both cases the means of ascent is the Mont Blanc cableway. The start is in La Palud, less than 1 km from the hotel really easy to reach walking. A trip that can be made on foot or thanks one of the many buses that stop near the hotel and bring to the square at the beginning of La Palud.
Not everyone can feel up to challenge freeride routes alone. For this we are able to find a guide that allows you to enjoy the free ride slopes with confidence. We know, too, where you can rent harness and ARVA (avalanche transceiver), necessary tools for this type of descents.

On a chair lift of the Val Veny ski area.

On a chair lift of the Val Veny ski area.

The slopes of Courmayeur are stunning, especially from mid-January to late March. During a ski week, though, someone can begin to feel the desire to change and try something different. For example, other ski resorts nearby like La Thuile, Pila or in France, on the other side of the tunnel.
Hotel Aigle is located close to the main road that leads to Pré-Saint-Sidier and in less than 30 minutes by car to La Thuile. In addition, nearly in front of the Hotel for stops the ski bus that takes to Courmayeur and to La Thuile.
As far as the ski resorts in Chamonix are concerned, it is enough to say that the beginning of the Mont Blanc Tunnel is placed less than 1 km from the Hotel and that 300 m. far away is the stops for the bus that connects Courmayeur and Chamonix. Once on the other side, all that remains to do is to choose if to go to Les Huches or to Argentières. Of course, if you are going to drive, remember to bring an alcohol test kits along with the certification "NF", which is mandatory in France (cost 3-4 euros).

We wonder if we have been able to explain how the location of the Hotel Aigle provides you an easy and convenient access to facilities for all forms of alpine skiing in Courmayeur and surroundings.
Of course, our staff is always able to help you and to provide advice and support in all kinds of requirements. For example, equipment rental, booking of ski lessons, ski passes, looking for guides for "freeride" downhill, information to assist in the "Free ride World Tour" and so on.


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