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Summer at the Hotel Aigle

Mountaineering, hiking, sports, recreation, culture, tourism. Boredom is not allowed at the Hotel Aigle...
Mont Blanc, so immense, it would be enough just by itself.

But here is a short list to give you an idea of the infinity of things to do.
The complete traverse of Mont Blanc cable car from La Palud to Chamonix. Trips, walks, mountain bike trails along the Val Veny and Val Ferret. The "running" on the traditional paths of the valley, or the "trails" and "sky-running" up and down at the high altitude trails. The now famous Tour Mont Blanc, the high-flying path around the Mont Blanc that touches the main refuges in Italy, France and Switzerland. The climbing on granite or magical icy ridges of the most famous "Aiguilles" (peaks) in the world. And then the golf and horseback riding in the Val Ferret. White water rafting on the Dora gorges and rapids. And finally, the Forum Sport Center in Courmayeur, with the ice-skating ring, tennis courts, basketball courts, football pitch, climbing wall, etc.

Downhill by mountain bike on the trails Tour of the Tour Mont Blanc.

Downhill by mountain bike
on the trails
of the Tour Mont Blanc.

According to the Hotel Aigle each of these things are easier. Easy because everything is closer. It is easy because there are people like us at the hotel, ready to provide information and advice, or to give you help if you have a problem.
But, as is logical, staying at the Hotel Aigle in the summer does not mean only to practice sports. Just the opposite!

Being in the high mountain and eat polenta and deer stew without big efforts, you can! Just take the car or the shuttle and get to Val Ferret. And then you can turn on the streets of Courmayeur. You can enjoy the wellness area of the Forum Sport Center in Courmayeur, or Pré-Saint-Didier spa. Pleasant interludes are the wine and food events in Courmayeur.

Stop after a hike in the mountains in the company of Mont Blanc.

Stop after a hike in the mountains in the company of Mont Blanc.

Finally, it should be remembered, Courmayeur cannot claim of having the Coliseum or the Giotto's Tower, but in return it offers cultural itineraries of great interest in the Aosta Valley, in France and in Switzerland. And what about the wine and food itineraries that visit the best producers in the Valle d'Aosta and Savoy.

In short, only the real, genuine lover of idleness remains without things to do... And we guys of the Hotel Aigle know how to make them fell good, although we would always have ideas and proposals to suggest.


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