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Tourism in Courmayeur

Courmayeur is the ideal place both for relax and for every kind of sporting activity. But its appeal does not end there.
The location, the great natural and artistic beauty, the many activities in the area make it a center of great interest from the touristic point of view.

magnificent specimen of adult ibex.

magnificent specimen
of adult ibex.


Mont Blanc is undoubtedly one of the greatest wonders of nature. But Courmayeur and its vicinity reserve many other attractions of the nature, able to excite anyone, young and old. From the power of the glacial phenomena to the poetry of alpine lakes. From the preciousness of rare botanical species to the magic of minerals. By the strangeness of the geologic phenomena to the wonders that come from the bowels of the earth. From the view of the animals in the wild to the mysterious traces of animals in the past.
Natural and artificial lakes, desolate valleys, botanical gardens, parks and nature reserves are the stage where you can discover ice seracs overhanging the water, quartz crystals, genepy plants, ibex, chamois, eagles, gullies, ferruginous water bubbles, dinosaur footprints.

Ancient frescoed church in the upper Valle d'Aosta..

Ancient frescoed church in the upper Valle d'Aosta.


The mountain stations do not aim particularly on culture, because they do not have a great need. Courmayeur is also from this point of view an exception.
Without expecting great Roman ruins or famous masterpieces of the Renaissance, the good tourist does not struggle to find reasons of cultural interest. For example, historic buildings, cultural institutions, museums documenting life in the mountains and mountaineering history. But Courmayeur tries to arouse the interest of visitors with initiatives and temporary events. For example, series of meetings and conferences, markets and events, international festivals, such as "Noir in Festival".

Wellness and body care 

Before becoming a mountaineering and tourism attraction, Courmayeur was a thermal resort.
Although today the original thermes no longer exist, his vocation to be a place of wellness and body care is always present. Tourists can count on a wide variety of structures. From the spa to the fitness area of the Forum Sport Center. From Spa located in various hotels in Courmayeur and villages to nearby famous Pré-Saint-Didier hot springs.

Apple trees near Jovencan (Aosta).

Apple trees near Jovencan (Aosta).


Many argue that people go to the mountains for walking, playing sports and enjoying nature, but not for shopping. As the matter of fact, those who look for a place where to shop, they never come back disappointed from Courmayeur.
Just take the central Via Roma or any of the adjacent streets and you will find everything from clothing, sporting goods, gifts, design, print, multimedia, art, antiques, food, wines and spirits, sweets. A wide choice, where the pursuit of quality is always at the top.

Wine and food 

The Valle d'Aosta has a long tradition of food and wine, a great pride of the region. Courmayeur is one of the best places to appreciate such quality and variety. First of all, thanks to the famous restaurants and great shops. But also to markets and gastronomic fairs that are organized during the summer and winter seasons.
Courmayeur, however, is also the perfect starting point for gastronomic tours to discover the region's food and wine production. An activity that displays an increase in the number of enthusiasts every year.

Square in the center of Chamonix.

Square in the center of Chamonix.


What to do staying in Courmayeur and having desire to see something different from the mountains? Simple! Visit one of the attractions of the place, or take the car or bus, go and visit one of the many nearby locations.
Aosta is the richest and most attractive. But there are many other short-distance places between Courmayeur and Aosta. And then there are Chamonix, Martigny and all locations on the other side of the Mont Blanc Tunnel...


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