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How to reach Courmayeur

Courmayeur is located at the western end of the Valle d'Aosta, close to the borderline with France. Aosta is the nearest city and the capital of the region. The main centers for international connections are Milan, Turin and Geneva.
In this regard, to those arriving by bus or train the Hotel has arranged a shuttle service to and from the hotel. The service is free of charge and upon request, with appropriate notice.

Percorso per arrivare a Courmayeur.

How to reach Courmayeur by car from Italy

From Turin, Milan and Genoa take the highway A5 (Torino-Aosta-Monte Bianco). Follow this road until the exit Courmayeur (from the beginning of Valle d'Aosta there are about 85 Km). Take State Route 36 and continue for about 2 km., until piazzale Monte Bianco in Courmayeur.

How to reach Courmayeur by car from France

From Paris, Lyon and Geneva take the highway A40 (Macon-Saint-Gervais-les-Bains). Follow this road until the end, where it becomes N205. Continue until Chamonix and take the Mont Blanc Tunnel. At the exit on the Italian side, continue on State Route 36 to Courmayeur (the exit of the tunnel is about 4 km away).

Winter Glance of Courmayeur and the high Valle d'Aosta.

Winter Glance of Courmayeur and the high Valle d'Aosta.

How to reach Courmayeur by bus from Italy and France

Courmayeur is connected to Aosta, Turin and Milan by direct bus lines. All buses arrive and depart in the piazzale Monte Bianco.
The Aosta-Courmayeur line is served by SAVDA with several trips a day, departing from Aosta Station. From Milan there are two departures a day, from Turin one on Sunday in the summer months.
Chamonix is linked by a bus line, with numerous daily trips through the Mont Blanc Tunnel, at the cost of € 13,00.

How to reach Courmayeur by train

Courmayeur is accessible by train from Italy and France, with the addition of short trips by bus.
Passengers from Italy travels on the Turin-Aosta line until Aosta station, where they change into line Aosta-Pré-Saint-Didier. The station of Pré-Saint-Didier is linked to Courmayeur by bus in connection with all trains.
Passengers from France travels on the line from Annecy, Bellegarde, Geneva and Lausanne to the St Gervais-le Fayet station, there they change to line St Gervais-le Fayet, Vallorcine, Martigny (Mont Blanc Express), that leads to Chamonix. From Chamonix buses link to Courmayeur through the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

How to reach Courmayeur by plane

The nearest airports to Courmayeur are Turin (150 km), Milan Malpensa (212 km), Milan Linate (235 km) and Geneva (106 Km.) The Aosta Airport is temporarily closed for renovation.


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